How times have changed! In the good days if you had a motor accident you spent time on the telephone, filling in forms before returning them in the post. Not anymore. This is the experience of one of our clients who had an accident in their car and within 11 days of their accident the claim was settled.

This is their story:

I had parked my car up and returned to discover a third party had hit it causing extensive damage. Having exchanged details at the scene (the most important piece of information is the vehicle registration number) I returned home. Although it was a Saturday, I was able to log my claim with my insurer, who arranged for a garage to call on Monday to collect the car. They also passed on details to an uninsured loss recovery company who called me within a few minutes to arrange for a hire car to be delivered the next working day. This was all confirmed via text & email within a few minutes of each telephone call.

On Monday everything worked  according to plan. The hire vehicle was dropped off at the time agreed, and my own vehicle collected.

Having supplied insurers with the details of the third party, including – crucially – the registration number of the other vehicle, insurers texted me on the Monday to advise that the third party had accepted liability and that my excess was waived and my no claims bonus would not be affected as result of this accident.

Within 72 hours of collection of the vehicle insurers, again via text message, informed me that my car was a total loss with an offer made in settlement. The offer made was in fact £400 over top book value so I accepted the offer the very next day. My bank account details were  taken over the  telephone, and I sent my log book and spare keys that same day to Insurers. This was a Friday and by Wednesday next, the money was in my bank. The whole process from date of accident until the money was received had taken 11 days (including 2 Sundays). In the ‘good old days’ this process, at best, would have taken at least 4 weeks, more realistically 6 or even longer..

Nobody can avoid some sort of inconvenience, but with the use of modern technology your claim has a good chance of being settled with as little inconvenience as possible.

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