More and more vehicles are on the nation’s roads providing food to hungry customers of Fast Food Delivery restaurants, with increasing pressure on the restaurants to provide deliveries within a set time, or face the wrath of an angry customer and bad reviews! This increase in demand has inherant risks, including accidents, theft and even injuries.

Owners of Fast Food restaurants providing takeaways and using delivery drivers need to be aware of the tremendous risk assumed by your drivers in addition to your legal obligation to all of your staff as their employer.

Is your business at risk?

We often find that businesses offering food delivery as a value added extra are not aware that they may be liable for compensation or criminal proceedings if their delivery drivers are involved in an accident while working on their behalf and not in possession of the correct motor insurance.

Ignorance of this lack of correct cover all too often comes to light too late, for instance when there has been an accident or when the driver has been stopped by the police and their insurance checked.

Before allowing someone to commence working with your business you must ensure the driver has a motor insurance policy which allows them to use their vehicle to carry out food delivery. Failure to do this can expose your business to significant liability claims should your drivers cause injury or damage.

Standard motor insurance policies do not cover the driver’s business use of their vehicles, even if the driver asks for the business use extension. The standard business use extension would normally cover a driver for commuting to different places of work, but not fast food delivery.

Assuming Drivers Have Their Own Cover is No Defence

Standard private car insurance policies do not normally include cover use for fast food delivery. The policy would normally be for social, domestic and pleasure use with commuting to and from the normal place of work. If the driver has requested business use, this must be checked as standard business use only covers travelling to other work places and not carriage of goods for hire and reward which is the required.

The driver is also liable for prosecution by the police if correct cover isn’t obtained

Should a driver be asked to produce documentation by police, this could be following a random stop, an incident or even another offence, then the insurance will be checked and the driver will face prosecution for no insurance if the correct cover is not in place. This will have the potential of being a fixed penalty of £300 fine and 6 penalty points on their driving licence, but can increase to unlimited fine and disqualification from driving. The police also have the power to seize and, in certain cases, destroy vehicles which are uninsured.

Can’t this just be added to an existing policy?

A number of insurers are able to add the cover to your existing policy, however this is generally not the case and the current policy may have to be replaced. Whilst larger, national takeaway companies offering fast food deliveries can offer a ‘top up’ insurance product so their drivers do not have to source the cover themselves, this is not available to the general market and would be prohibitively expensive if it were available.
In the majority of cases, a new policy is required.

Where we can help

Central Insurance have vast experience in insuring both takeaways and the drivers of delivery vehicles, including cars, vans, motorcycles and mopeds. We can appraise your business and source a policy to suit your requirements.

We have exclusive access to a number of insurers and favourable rates for fast food restaurants and delivery drivers. We have insurance experts ready to scour the markets to find you the best deals available to suit your requirements.

Call us on 01253 764294 or visit our website and we can provide you with a quote with cover to suit your needs:

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